Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision for trainees, clinicians working towards a license, and, clinicians wanting to gain more support through consultation. Supervisors have the ability to positively impress both therapeutic technique and character upon the minds and hearts of supervisees.

Our theoretical approach to supervision is influenced by my approach to therapy and treatment. Restoration Psychology believes that therapeutic interventions require a multifaceted approach to treatment. Understanding the complexities of human nature begins with the assumption that people are multifaceted. Resortation Psychology strives to understand individuals through a bio-psycho-social-spiritual-lens and consider how these areas are intertwined to the functioning of individuals. We believe that any single model that attempts to capture the whole process of therapeutic intervention is not complete and an oversimplification. Therefore, Restoration Psychology uses an integrative approach to conceptualization and intervention with a Developmental Systems framework.

At Restoration Psychology, we take a strength based approach in therapy and in clinical supervision. We desire to understand the supervisee holistically and find their personal strengths that will aid them in their professional growth and development.