Restoration Psychology

Restoration: The goal of restoration is typically to reverse damage, decay, or deterioration, in order to preserve the inherent value, functionality, or aesthetic qualities of the object, structure, or system being restored.
What makes Restoration Psychology different?

We know you have various options for treatment providers and therapy.  Restoration Psychology is deeply committed to providing culturally sensitive and inclusive treatment for all people.  We strive to help our clients restore mental well being and reduce psychological stress.  We know that each individual and family has a unique set of needs and cultural values that can impact treatment. Our clinicians work hard to understand our clients from a bio-psycho-social- spiritual lens.

We want to tailor each treatment approach to fit your needs.

We are a full-service counseling center specializing in faith-based counseling through a unique bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens aimed at integrating the full self by renewing what has been damaged, revitalizing what has decayed, and rebuilding what has deteriorated. In order to do this, we must explore each aspect of the individual—their physical characteristics (race, ethnicity, health issues etc.), mental/emotional states, relationships with others (including family and community groups), and faith convictions.

This allows us to take the first step of the journey toward restoration. Because spiritual belief influences one’s worldview, it also greatly influences the individual and is, therefore, an important aspect to be explored. We promise to work with you where you are, no matter your faith background. We will provide a safe space for you to confront any issues that arise in a judgment-free environment.