Faith Integration

Clients are searching for therapists that can help them integrate their faith, religion, and/or spirituality in treatment. 

Restoration Psychology is dedicated to assisting individuals, couples, families, and communities in exploring the intricate relationship between psychology and theology. Through this interdisciplinary approach, the goal is to harmonize the valuable insights of psychology with the teachings and beliefs from diverse religious traditions. This integration fosters a more holistic and profound understanding of human nature by acknowledging both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of well-being. Individuals seeking counseling often grapple with both psychological and spiritual issues. By integrating these aspects, therapeutic interventions become more effective and compassionate.

The approach at Restoration Psychology involves merging psychological insights—exploring human behavior, emotions, cognition, and mental processes—with theological perspectives that provide a foundation for understanding human nature, morality, spirituality, and life's purpose from religious and philosophical viewpoints. Therapists here adopt an integrative approach, weaving together psychological and theological insights. This synthesis proves invaluable as it helps clients navigate the alignment between psychological processes such as belief formation and faith development with religious beliefs and practices. Additionally, it delves into the intersection of moral and ethical development from both psychological and religious standpoints, enriching the therapeutic process.